Black Death

Duration:  4 Weeks


You play as an eye in the sky for a vigilante who fights crime and saves hostages. In the puzzle, your decision making skills are constantly on the test as your one wrong decision can put vigilante's and the hostages' lives in jeopardy. With the help of your tech and other gadgets you are able to scan the rooms of an infiltrated building. When you interact with a room two walls from the room gets invisible, you get a clear vision of the room and the clue is revealed, if any, with the help of a clue you track down the room with criminals (the main objective). The problem appears with the limited numbers of room scans you can do, there are limited chances to scan and you have to make it in those chances only. Your skills upgrade as you go through the game and your handy skills help the vigilante to walk through the doors and find the criminal.


Design and implement a medium complexity puzzle game.


It's an isometric puzzle game

The game progresses into multilevel towers with increased infiltration and more chances provided to make rooms visible. Each level demands different approaches and new techniques to find the criminals.

The guy sitting behind the tech earns skills and perks throughout the game which he uses in further levels to crack difficult puzzles. The achievements and skills make him progress faster in game.