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Duration:  3 Weeks


You play as an eye in the sky for a vigilante who fights crime and saves hostages. In the puzzle, your decision making skills are constantly on the test as your one wrong decision can put vigilante's and the hostages' lives in jeopardy. With the help of your tech and other gadgets you are able to scan the rooms of an infiltrated building. When you interact with a room two walls from the room gets invisible, you get a clear vision of the room and the clue is revealed, if any, with the help of a clue you track down the room with criminals (the main objective). The problem appears with the limited numbers of room scans you can do, there are limited chances to scan and you have to make it in those chances only. Your skills upgrade as you go through the game and your handy skills help the vigilante to walk through the doors and find the criminal.


Design and implement a medium complexity puzzle game.


It's an isometric puzzle game. The game progresses into multilevel towers with increased infiltration and more chances provided to make rooms visible. Each level demands different approach and new techniques to find the criminals. The guy sitting behind the tech earns skills and perks throughout the game which he uses in further levels to crack difficult puzzles. The achievements and skills make him progress faster in game.




The hacker view


Core Game play Loop: Tapping on the rooms of a building to see through them and locate the target room.

Core Game Mechanics: Tap to reveal.

Other mechanics:

  • Swipe to view building from different sides.

  • Zoom and focus on a room.

  • Types of rooms.


Tap to reveal

We are arranging the rooms such as after making one room transparent  the inner wall of the adjacent room will reveal the doors of the transparent room.

We are using array of two materials where one material is transparent. After a click or a tap for that particular room unity will change the normal material into transparent one.

We are using ray casting to detect rooms and to detect rooms which are behind another rooms we are  destroying box collider too with the tap.

Tap on the room to make its walls invisible so that player can see inside the room.


Swipe to view building from different sides.

We are using camera movement for this, so with the swipe input camera is moving around the building.

We are keeping camera far away from the object with less field of view, in this way we are achieving orthographic view rather than changing projection to orthographic.

We are using a camera rig to control camera movements.

We are using lerp function to get a gradual camera movement and aa smooth interaction for player to swipe.

Swipe and rotate the building around y axis to get a view from all the sides. With this, player can tap on any room and view it from multiple angles.


Zoom and focus on a room.

Camera zooms to focus on a particular room.

With holding the touch, player can focus on that room. We are using Camera rig to focus on that room. The rig move towards the position where we want to focus.

The code reads continuous position of the mouse and transfers it to the  transform whenever the long press is initiated.

Zoom and focus on a particular room to lock it for the player to get a better view of the room.


Types of rooms.

Types of rooms giving directional clues to solve the maze and locate the target room.

After tap and reveal we need to give directional clue in the room to the player.  We are using open and closed door to indicate in which direction  the criminal went.

Different type of rooms are based on “Number of doors in a room and whether they are open or close”.

We are color coding this parameters to simplify the code in level design.



Visual Design

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